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Our mission to prevent violence

The Swedish Social Insurance Agency’s mission includes the prevention of men’s violence against women, violence in close relationships and honour-related violence and oppression. In order to help those who have been exposed to violence, we need to know if this has happened to you.

The agency’s mission takes its origins in the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), the European Convention on Human Rights, the Istanbul Convention, Agenda 2030 and Swedish legislation.

The Swedish Social Insurance Agency undertakes to contribute to the achievement of gender equality policy goals wherein gender mainstreaming shall be the main strategic tool for realising these goals. Sweden also has a national strategy for preventing and combating men’s violence against women, which falls under the scope of our mission.

National strategy to prevent and combat men’s violence against women (in Swedish) (regeringen.se)external link, opens in new window

Men’s violence against women must end (in Swedish) (regeringen.se)external link, opens in new window

By extension, the Swedish Social Insurance Agency’s mission includes the implementation of various initiatives within the scope of the instructions given to the agency, in the appropriation directions and in special government assignments.

Why is it important to speak up?

Victims of violence often suffer from severe ill health and a loss of work and income. Violence occurs across all groups in society and at all levels of society. People who experience violence or abuse can face tremendous limitations and suffering, and violence can result in severe psychological and physical harm. Everyone has the right to live a life free from any form of violence and oppression. There are people who can help, and the first step if you are subjected to violence is to talk to someone you trust or a government authority that can help you.

Exposure to violence in a close relationship (in Swedish) (1177.se)external link, opens in new window

Violence in close relationships – get help and support here (in Swedish) (polisen.se)external link, opens in new window

People in certain groups may find themselves in a particularly vulnerable situation as a result of discrimination and marginalisation. These may be people with disabilities, younger and older women, LGBTQI people or people having a foreign background.

What can the Swedish Social Insurance Agency do?

The Swedish Social Insurance Agency works actively to ask questions about violence within the benefits activities: compensation, sick leave, rehabilitation allowance and maintenance support. We do this in order to help people who have been exposed to violence gain access to information and to refer them to the right place to find help and support.

If you have an illness or disability, you can find help coordinating rehabilitation efforts so that you can start working again or find other employment. For those who receive maintenance support, being exposed to violence can mean that they will continue to be entitled to receive maintenance support. Talking to someone about your exposure to violence is the first step towards receiving support and making a change.

You have the right to live a life free from any form of violence

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