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Tips when you are home with a sick child

A lot of children get sick during the first few months of the year. We want to take the opportunity to remind you of some things that are important to think about when you need to stay home to care for a sick child (VAB).

Apply for VAB in your mobile phone via My pages (Mina sidor)

Once your child has recovered, you can apply for compensation for the days you stayed home to care for them. Remember to apply no more than 90 days from the first day you were home with the child. Create a shortcut to My pages (Mina sidor) in your phone so you can reach us quickly and easily.

How to set up a shortcut to Försäkringskassan’s My pages (Mina sidor) in your phone

If the child is sick for more than one week

Beginning with the eighteenth day of sickness, you must send in a certificate from a doctor or nurse. The days for which you do not take compensation for care of a sick child, for example Saturdays and Sundays, also count as part of the sickness period.

Plan for work and care of a sick child

If you are two parents, try to do it in shifts. For example, care for the child half a day or a few hours each. Or take turns and care for the child every other day. In My pages (Mina sidor), you can share the VAB calendar with each other and keep track of your time spent caring for a sick child.

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